05 November 2016

"Visually similar results"

As if pinterest wasn't already a black hole where time disappears into, here's a feature that will keep you amused for even longer!

From a google search [on Sessai Hattori, more of which later perhaps] I opened the page and found myself in pinterest. Often I add "-pinterest" when searching, so as to get straight to the source of images, but this time...

Thinking it would enlarge the picture, I clicked on the little icon at top right of the image - and this is what it did -
 It brought up oodles of "visually similar results" for the highlighted area.

Moving the highlighted area gets you other results -
 It's a bit magical. Well, no - it's all done be algorithms or other programming, but it does feel like magic.

And you can change the size of the area, could be useful?

Endlessly fascinating... yet more time disappears into that black hole ...

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