18 December 2017

10 years ago

At the end of November, 2007, I posted about the monoprinting course that Tony and I attended at City Lit. It was his first adult-ed course, despite my continual recommendations, and after that ice-breaker he went on to do many more - digital photography, video editing, bookbinding. And we even went to a dance "taster" together, but somehow didn't follow up on that...

Some of these monoprinted fabrics have reappeared over the years, and others are still lurking, waiting to be rediscovered.


City Lit had a two-Sunday workshop on monoprinting, led by Sharon Finmark. What fun to be in the print room with the presses and drying racks:
Working away with our palettes and plates and brayers:
On the second day, most people were using colour:Tony used leaves picked up in the street as a resist:The brayer leaves marks of varying weight:I used black ink both days - and came up with a lot of "rain" prints, on paper:and on fabric:In the week between sessions, I stitched a little piece to be used for printing, first with ordinary thread and then with thread almost too thick to fit through the needleand found the back went all loopyBoth sides were useful for printing - especially on tissue paper.The oil in the ink will eventually rot fabric, but I printed some fabric anyway -Overall, these are my favourites -

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