13 December 2017

Latest enthusiasm

Continuing with the "overlapping people" idea - playing around to see where it might go....

Possibly the first attempt is the best so far - and I've now abandoned my "no peeking" rule to try to place the components "interestingly", based on what's gone on in the "blind" versions - contrast of scale, for one thing ... and it helps to have arms and legs visible.

That latter has led to concentration on the sports pages, which often show the whole body, in action - so the shapes are interesting, arms and legs all over the place! Spot the footballers here, and spot the politician -
This morning I leapt out of bed, in a hurry to get on with it -

Layering up tissue paper and cutting out shapes from the newspaper. Tissue paper to see if there were interesting colour blends in the overlaps ... no, not transparent enough - it might work with colouring in the drawn shapes with watercolour, or (on fabric) thinned acrylic.

Pastel colours? for sports"men"? I kinda like that....

I also like the idea of fitting in a bit of "footballer's dream" glamour ... add some more contrast ...
These shapes would all be intersecting black outlines (the glamour girl in white?) or else pastel solids, overlapping. Maybe. If it ever gets further than this initial enthusiasm ... if I can continue to focus on it for a bit. 

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irene macwilliam said...

Brilliant. wish I had come up with that idea. I love it when I can not wait to get up to get on with an idea. Sadly devoid of ideas at moment, annoying when I am somewhat confined to the house.

if you pasted the figures with water to glass to see what overlapping produced re colour changes.