04 December 2017

Thrifty happy

Last week was a good one, in terms of delightful things found in charity shops. For a while I hadn't been allowing myself to visit charity shops - too much came home with me each time - and that fairly lengthy period of denial seems to have ramped up my discernment, or else I've just become more stingey. I can walk out of several in a row, empty-handed. (Or, the money available has already been spent - this morning I took a deep breath and booked a "drawing with mixed media" course at the West Dean summer school, and residential courses cost £££.)

How we each choose to spend our money, and what we consider luxuries and/or "unaffordable", interests me greatly. What makes people reckless with money? what makes them generous - and is this generosity, financial or social, a luxury of some sort, or a reckless personality trait? It could be that sometimes we don't allow ourselves to be generous with our thoughts and opinions, or our time, never mind just money.

But I digress. Here are my life-enhancing, new-to-me acquisitions.
An assortment of dogs ...

... that stack up, like the Musicians of Bremen

Hand-made shoes, cared for and recently re-heeled ... no matter
 that they're men's, they fit so comfortably ...

... getting some TLC until I find the right sox etc
(nothing in my wardrobe is brown)

Irresistible - 100% wool, made in Scotland, sold at the RA ....
... and perfect with a purple hiking-jacket

1 comment:

Living to work - working to live said...

Love the little stacking dogs. In fact a wee bit envious of the little stacking dogs if I'm honest.

I love a rummage in charity shops - a fabulous source of books for recycling into lampshades or to use in other work.