30 December 2017

Facets of life

Again this year I've completed the CQ journal quilts - though many of them are no longer to my liking (and that includes some that I made in recent days). The them is "gridded" -
"Less is more" - my favourites from 2017

All 12
Every day I go walking, to get the "magic" 10,000 steps - actually it's a sort of training for a long walk I hope to do in the spring - and sometimes part of this walk is in the direction of Tom and Gemma's flat, which is undergoing considerable renovation. The living room, replastered a few weeks ago, and with new windows installed many weeks ago, is finally in the stage of getting its lovely blue paint. The floor is sanded and sealed, the skirting boards are being installed, and there will soon be a picture rail -
The "turret" windows need cleaning before painting
During the weeks of turmoil in this part of the flat, unable to use the room, T&G seem to have forgotten what furniture is for -
 ... so after a bit or rearrangement and delicious cake with afternoon coffee it was straight into a long stint of painting those window frames. Renovations take a lot of time and effort, but it's starting to look wonderful -
Soon, some blinds for those windows...

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