03 December 2017

Stroud Green Farmers' Market

It happens on Sundays, 10-2.30, at "the school where we go to vote", opposite the flower-bedecked pub called the Faltering Fullback. It's been going several months and this is only the second time I've gone. I stuffed my purse with banknotes and hoped to find exciting things.

But I didn't expect "artisan" nut butters -
 Those gift packs of the interesting varieties look promising and useful, this time of year...

Nice variety of veg, and bags of apples and pears of different sorts -
 It's a big playground to fill with stalls, and hopefully the market will get good support and more stalls will come.
 At the stall where I bought eggs, their roasting chickens are usually sold out within the first hour.

My two-bags-full of culinary excitement -
The slab of cake is "Danish dream cake" - very sweet, with a coconut and caramel topping - and the jar of peanut butter is the plain-peanuts sort. The conference pears are huge, as is the cabbage, and the potatoes are of the variety Mozart (never could resist a musician!). The celeriac is for winter salads and/or mash, the fennel for fennel-orange-blackolive salad, and the bread is multigrain sourdough.

The wooden dogs are another story ... stay tuned...

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