05 December 2017

Drawing Tuesday - King's Place

The public spaces were chokablock with overspill from a big conference. I'd found a comfy seat and stuck it out for a while, drawing groups of people (not my favourite activity, but something I "should" be practising more -

Also I returned to the chains started last week -

After a while the volume of deal-making in the group sat nearby sent me to the Pangolin Gallery, and what a haven it was ... full of people drawing, already! And the work, by Geoffrey Clarke (till 22 Dec), was SO appealling - the pencil could hardly wait to get to the page!

The gallery was where most people ended up -
Apologies to Janet K for the fuzzy photo

Sue, enjoying shapes

Carol, intrigued by a ladder that actually went somewhere

Joyce found the Christmas tree in Granary Square

Judith braved the cold to capture the barge

Mags had been at the Scythians exhibition, observing and drawing
 The staff in the busy restaurant at the British Library were very helpful with finding us a large enough table, and might have been bemused to see all 5 metres of Mags' train stitching getting a trial run of how it might be looped to be displayed -

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