19 December 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Natural History Museum

We've been rather avoiding the Natural History Museum, wonderful though the collection is, because it's very busy, especially with schoolchildren. So we went in the afternoon, and it was really quite bearable - only thing is, next time, remember to bring your own sketching stool!

I found a bench opposite a Pliosaur fossil, about 180 million years old -

and took out a nice thick felt pen but couldn't "risk" using it in the sketchbook, how daft is that!
So many bones!
Eventually another version appeared in the sketchbook, with a smaller one trying to get the proportions and angles right. As we keep finding, it's hard to fit the big things onto the page -
We were meeting in the "old minerals gallery", with its wonderful columns and cases -
 so I tackled a decorative bit of foliage -
Rather a lame attempt, "must try harder"!
The others had been busy elsewhere -
Carol with a skeleton...

Janet B with an elephant skull ...

Janet K with a great view of the whale in the entrance hall

Joyce with tourmaline ...

Michelle with a collection of very individual skulls
 Extra-curricular activities 
Michelle's book, incorporating her monoprints

... and some of her recent screen prints, postcard size

Joyce's observations of tree cutting near her home

Carol's felted Christmas ornament

Janet K's  fruitful use of time while waiting at Montreal train station, capturing
a section of a mural she'd often admired

Janet B's encounter with a collection of knitted swifts
at Walthamstow Wetlands
As we left the building, it was quite dark, and the trees around the museum's seasonal ice rink were dazzling...

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