29 December 2017

Deadline approaches

The final four Journal Quilts need to be posted on the CQ yahoogroup by 31 December. And the yahoogroup is not cooperating - it's not letting people post their quilts in the albums. Which is a shame.

To my own shame, the final four JQs for 2017, on the theme of  "Gridded", are not quite ready. In fact I started on them today... and had a happy morning in the studio, using whatever came to hand that would fit into the "Gridded" theme. Sometimes the connection was obvious -
Gridded: How Not to Do It
sometimes "simple is best" -
Gridded: Entrance
and sometimes it was a matter of one step forward and two steps back:

The more crowded it gets, the more obvious it is that it's going nowhere!
(That one's been put on the back burner ... maybe another time...)

Every good idea can be improved -

Gridded: Spiral

and some ideas are still "in progress" -

Gridded: Messages

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irene macwilliam said...

Like the gridded messages