12 December 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Tate Modern

The day started, for me, with a quick look into the Soviet exhibition ... it needed more time than was available, so needs going back to; it's on till 25 Feb.
Postcards in the "Red Star over Russia" shop
 I settled down in front of this "pavilion" by Cristina Iglesias -

My drawing was about figuring out the structure and guessing the words...
 Jo found a tee-shirt in the Soviet shop intriguing -
 Carol gathered glimpses of the area around the Tate -
 Joyce found a work by Louise Nevelson -
 ... as did Judith -
 Janet B was intrigued by a floating sculpture and its shadow ...
 ... which was tonally reversed in her photograph -
 Mags had been to a nearby textile exhibition, A Sense of Place, and brought along the booklet
 ... and showed the work she's doing in her current painting course -
 Carol's extracurricular activity was a tiny felted pot -
 Janet B brought along the drawing she did in Dundee last week -
 Several of us had used the same leaf-rubbing technique at various points ...
 Several of us went along to the textile exhibition, by ViewSeven - here are some general shots.

 And the gallery floor was fascinatingly patched!

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patty a. said...

The is some fancy patching for a wood floor! Very cool! Maybe that is what I should have done when I patched the wood floor at my house. I installed the last row of pieces last night since the floor refinishing guy needed it done for today's sanding.