21 December 2017

Poetry Thursday - a knitting poem by Emily Dickinson

Just as I was thinking it strange that no poem has "accidentally" come to my notice during the entire week, a Christmas card arrived - thank you Jane! -
The image is called Knit One, Purl One and it's by Jan Brewerton, from Ten Poems about Knitting, published by Candlestick Press. In fact it's the cover of the pamphlet, and the ten poems are:
‘Untitled’, Emily Dickinson‘Dropped Stitches’, Jane Duran‘Janet’s’, Sue Dymoke‘Neighbours We’ll Not Part Tonight’, Roy Fisher‘The Manly Art of Knitting’, Christopher James‘The Knitter’, Jackie Kay‘The Symbolism of Ancient Sweaters’, Gwyneth Lewis‘For My Grandmother Knitting’, Liz Lochhead‘Needle Work’, Allison McVety‘The Knitting Song’, Jessie Pope‘Wool’, Lydia Towsey
Perhaps the Emily Dickinson poem is this one -

Autumn—overlooked my Knitting—
Dyes—said He—have I—
Could disparage a Flamingo—
Show Me them—said I—

Cochineal—I chose—for deeming
It resemble Thee—
And the little Border—Dusker—
For resembling Me—

The card also contains mention of a charity called Knit for Peace: www.knitforpeace.org.uk, which matches knitters with good causes. "Send us your knitting and leftover yarn" they say, "and we'll find it a good home." 

Do you remember the giant knitted poem, made to mark the centenary of the Poetry Society in 2009?
Each square a letter, over a thousand were needed - and the final work measured 13 metres by 8 metres.
The poem chosen (and kept secret till the unveiling) was Dylan Thomas's In My Craft and Sullen Art.

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