09 February 2018

The whole day stretches ahead

Today, after a busy week with three mornings "doing art" and a lot of satisfying socialising,  I "have all day". Nowhere to be, no meals to prepare. Bliss.

"Having all day" feels luxurious, but it can bite you in the backside, have you noticed? You start the day with great plans, but still in your pyjamas, and linger over coffee. First mistake... it goes downhill from there: even as you try to convince yourself that is is what a Day Off should be, there's a nagging feeling that a Free Day means you're free to do what gives you the most pleasure, and that you won't get any pleasure from "wasting" the day. Hmm.

So, let's think about that pleasure - what do we hope to gain by spending the day alone at home? Sometimes, the sofa and a good book make an irresistible combination, and who among us doesn't have a pile of books we want, need, or intend to read "someday"? Reading a book from start to finish in one go is, imho, A Good Thing.
eg, "Miss Pettrigrew Lives for a Day" - lovely little story
Often, there's a deadline for a project driving us on - but goodness, isn't it difficult to get down to it? Breakfast must be had, and somehow a little housework suddenly needs to be done, and of course the emails all need replying to...

Last night I got the paints etc out - it's ready to go. (I wrote this blog post last night, too. And replied to quite a few emails, the new ones will have to wait.)
No impediments to starting, first thing!
One "problem" with a whole, entire day is that at the outset there seems to be so much time available. And I tend to find it fritters itself away... what saves the day from being squandered is getting on immediately with whatever needs doing, even as the kettle first boils and before the coffee is made. The rest follows from that. (I hope.)


irene macwilliam said...

I resent sleeping for longer than usual as I feel I have lost precious time. I am like a bear with a sore head. Not as if I have a frantic lifestyle or loads of commitments but just the way I am. Do not waste your precious time responding to this.

patty a. said...

I know what you mean about having a free day. My biggest problem is what do I want to do first. After I waste time trying to figure that out and jumping from task to task I end up not accomplishing anything!