21 June 2014

Daily painting - stripey progression

The stripey canvas is now at a pink stage, and will get some bright green added next - one or other of these greens from the colour dictionary -
In the past few weeks, it's gone through quite a lot of colour changes, moving from "I like this" to "why did I put in that colour" to "absolutely horrible" to "it's starting to get better" to "I like this a lot and don't want to paint over it" to "oh no, shouldn't have done that..." and so on -

... and some that I don't have time to crop and straighten at the moment. (I don't have a particularly good photo setup for this.) And getting the colours exactly right in the photos is a lost cause!

Somewhere down the line I'll try to make an animation. New territory ... a challenge ...

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LA Paylor said...

I hardly know what to comment. I am intrigued though. I always am happy to see you post on quiltart because you are doing different stuff...
What are you learning?
leeannaquilts at gmail dot com