17 June 2014

Sketchbook course, weeks 5 and 6

The sketchbook at the start of the session, working from photocopies of drawings made at the V&A -

I had used the "stencil" that resulted from cutting out shapes to mark the opposite page, and painted it in with ink -

 Now, using some the duplicate cut shapes, I added them to another page that had been painted black -
 and put the template page opposite -
The black page received some strategic holes, which were folded onto the back of the page. Taking inspiration from the large-scale painting that was happening at the next table, in the final minutes I used the leftover black paint on some cartridge paper -
 which could become fold-out pages -

 It was all bundled up and taken home, to wait for further developments the next week ... which started with looking at everyone's work -

and making suggestions for how to proceed, eg layering -
 I found myself making textures with paint (for cutting and pasting), and working on further photocopies of various scales -
but it was the masking-tape resist shapes that got developed, by re-using the tape on a new page. Then I wanted to cut through the previous page, and made a rubbing to use for cutting the page - and discovered how messy conte crayon is. (Next week I'll have a stick of chunky graphite in my pencil-case ... somewhat less messy.) I used the conte rubbing to make a clean template to use to cut out the additional page, but even with care, smears resulted - happy accidents I hope -
Little bits of masking tape held the floppy template in place -
 For the record,  the cut-up rubbing (now discarded), and the windows that were cut through the page that had been painted black earlier -
 A plethora of reworked photocopies - no idea what to do with these! -
Elsewhere in the room, just before cleanup -
I'm really enjoying developing this in the class, but haven't yet got around to doing anything with the book in between times. Some people are spending a lot of time between classes on their sketchbook ... it's so interesting to see the new developments. Anything could happen!

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