19 June 2014

Structured textiles - week 2

This week was about colouring and stitching. 
Sample: crumpled fabric printed with a gradation of colours, which
show paler on subsequent layers

Disperse dyes mixed up and ready to paint onto paper. When dry, the
colour is transferred to synthetic fabric under the heat press

When the pleated fabric goes in the press, the painted paper
will leave an outline on a protective layer of paper.
Note the embossing from the pleats.

I had some complicated idea about concertina folding
(not all that successful!). The lines were made with an old,
wide, jagged paint brush

The fabric is pleated, tied, and ready for the steamer.
Paper between the layers should prevent colour seepage to other layers,
and the whole thing is wrapped in further paper.

Steamed and untied ... hmm ... try again ...
After a day of faffing, this one happened in about 5 minutes. It's a
rectangle of  ochre polyester folded and laid onto acetate satin, and
covered with red-painted paper.

A little stitch could hold the corners and make a 3D effect ...

... offset and outlined 

Norma's work, simple and effective - red organza crumpled and printed
with blue. The "negative" looks rather like a cyanotype

When steaming, coloured fabric is wrapped in paper to prevent transfer of
colour to other bundles - I liked the marks on the paper but am
glad they won't be on my fabric! Or did they come from there?
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The Inside Stori said...

Thank you for introducing me to this technique.....amazing....

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Wow! Yu get some fabulous effects dying fabric this way.