04 June 2014

Sketchbook course, week 4

After the drawing session at the V&A cast courts, a show-and-tell of drawings and photographs -

after which we "did something" ... hopefully the discussion of the work led to some ideas on what to do, and the photocopies of  the requested pages gave use something to start with.

I took a newspaper from the box under the sink and started cutting shapes out of one of the photocopies, to be placed on another photocopy - drawing with a scalpel -
Using text as tone became using patterning from images. Perhaps they don't mix all that well..

Cutting through several layers of the newspaper, I found that one of the articles was about the collage artist Hannah Hoch, which was rather apropos -
Hmm, should have kept that cutout page ... but I do have a collection of the cut shapes for further work on this -
The mixture of shapes and patterning resembles the mixture of styles and objects in the cast court itself -
Some of the other activity, elsewhere in the class -

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