29 June 2014

RA Schools exhibition

A few things that caught the camera's eye...
Hold by Ariane Schick ("Hole, plexiglas pole") - and a bit of the corridor

Hold from the other side
Monotypes by Aimee Parrott (and note the many-times-painted floor)

Untitled by Daniel Lipp

Two interspersed works by Natalie Dray - Zone Heater and 6 Sheets

This sound sculpture by Hannah Perry is a shivering mirror

Paintings by Alex Clarke

It's done with mirrors, and louvres ... captivating ... Ariane Schick again
From the outside, the studios look like garden sheds; they're tucked away behind the main RA building
Students in the postgraduate course at the Royal Academy are there for three years - less than 20 are selected each year from about 1000 applications. 

In my concurrent post on Ragged Cloth Cafe you can read about the education of women artists in Britain, in relation to the history of the Royal Academy. The first woman slipped in (almost) unnoticed - L. Herford turned out to be Laura, not Lawrence. The year was 1860 ... and fairly soon, women outnumbered men at the RA Schools. So, what happened to the men....

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