23 June 2014

On the buses

The Bus Cavalcade on Regent Street - what a jolly thing that was, 50 or so buses of all eras all down the street, starting with the oldest at Piccadilly Circus, ending with some of the new Routemasters at Oxford Circus, volunteers welcoming visitors and giving information, and people of all ages and sorts taking photos and wandering about. In the lovely weather! It was hard not to take photos of everything all the time.

Omnibuses used to be pulled by horses, and the two in the horse-box were gorgeous -
For many people, it was all about the photo opps -

Kids got to sit in cabs and be bus drivers -

 ...and on police motorbikes, for further photo opps -
A lot of window-winding went on, here and there -
These Chelsea Pensioners passed by -
 and slowly made their way up the street, patiently posing with "just one more" -

You could sit in many of the buses, like this 1930s Green Line -
It had been beautifully restored, with the fresh upholstery particularly noticeable -
Top decks were particularly popular (note the grips on the stairs) -
In that bus the upholstery was in original condition, and the smell - brought out by warmth and sun - was incredibly nostalgic -
Seats on the upper deck of the "low level" bus held four people, and you stepped up to them from the dropped aisle, rather awkward and probably not popular -
From the top decks you got good views down the street -

Not all buses were red or green - this one served Heathrow before there was a tube line out there. It was in service till 1973 so may have been the one we travelled on when we arrived in this country -
Not sure what to say about these bus-print dresses ...

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Anonymous said...

What a grand celebration that was! I love the green line bus and the pensioners posing. Wish I'd been there.