13 February 2013

Art I like - Barbara Todd

Stone Days is work by Canadian artist Barbara Todd. In 2005 she selected a text each day and let it guide her in making an arrangement of stones on a light table, and photographed them. "The layering of these translucent images came to constitute the cumulative quality of presence, of memory dissolving into past days."
"With the yearlong daily project I built up a vocabulary of shapes from which I drew to create drawings, textile works and wall relief works. Their grounding in language, though not apparent in the abstract shapes, is important to me."

She's been collecting stones since 2000. You can see the web project at stonedays.ca.

Barbara Todd also makes quilts, usually from wool - simple quilts

Have a look at her website to see the range of her work, which includes work in metal and mylar.

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Heather said...

Barbara Todd is one of my favourite artists. I haven't seen these new pieces, thanks for sharing.