09 February 2013

Wishful thinking

It's February, after all ... midwinter ... time to wrap up warm and stay home, with the return of cold weather to the UK. After thinking about journal quilts for a while, and mixed-media textile "samples", I have a yen to do something "bigger" - and easy - something repetitive - and systematic ....

A traditional quilt? or something more contemporary? Something like these, perhaps (pix from here)

Something to use up some of the stash - something that someone else would enjoy using.


irenemacwilliam said...

I have just done a top, very bright, a random log cabin in very bright plain colours because I wanted to do something, bright, cheerful and repetitive, obviously thinking just as you are. As for the Quilting I want to do minimal quilting so it stays soft and cuddly not like my usual things that are firm as they are wall hangings. I will have to use some thought about that.

reensstitcher said...

I think we all feel like doing something more traditional when the weather is like this. I have just made a lap quilt top and pieced backing using a design I first made about ten years ago. Now I am about to quilt it which is a challenge because I haven't quilted anything large for a very long time.

JAQUINTA said...

I like the colours in the top picture