06 February 2013

Proud mum

My son is a practical sort of guy who really enjoys building things and solving how-to-do-it-best type of problems. I've probably moaned a bit too much about him using my studio for his carpentry, but I'm thrilled to see him putting his skills to good use as a way of making a living. He's had some big jobs recently and as a result has three people working for him, but the economic climate being what it is, you never can be assured of a steady stream of work.

So in steps Mum to do what she can, and the result is a website for "Tom and Team" -
Do go have a look - tomandteamcarpentersdecorators.co.uk - especially if you live in north London and need some work doing!

I had to do some mildly technical stuff to link up with the domain name, which had me quaking in my boots (well, slippers...) - so I'm doubly thrilled that everything has worked. 

When you think back to only a few years ago, what it took to set up a website was overwhelming and you really did need an expert - or to spend weeks learning Dreamweaver or some such program. Now, you still need to have your photos on hand and to have thought about how to organise the site, but in only a few hours the new site can be up and running - and you can do all the updating yourself, quite easily. Marvellous. Truly "Vorschprung durch Technik" - even for the non-technical.

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Unknown said...

Don't underestimate your skills!