06 February 2013

Ceramics, week 2

Now we are actually in week 4, but I missed week 1 and had no camera with me in week 3 - anyway we spent most of this session glazing previous work, then left it to be fired during the week - results are eagerly awaited next Monday!

These (made in what for me was week 1) had come out of the kiln, fired to biscuit stage - some slip marbling, black on white, and some sponging. The sponged piece has now been glazed with "Dora Billington", a matte clear glaze, then sponge-printed with a shiny clear glaze -
Items made the previous week include some silkscreening onto paper, laid on tiles, which came out of the kiln all crumble; a slap printed with alphabet blocks dipped in slip; some thin slabs screenprinted with a pattern; and a stamped slab formed into a sort of bowl shape -
The misprinted tiles have had some "interesting" glaze treatments - just how "interesting" remains to be seen...

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