23 February 2013

Paper bags

Another example of care-ful mending (image from here) - this bag was made of washi (japanese paper) about 100 years ago and used to hold silk coccoons - read about it at shiborigirl.wordpress.com. The paper was dyed with persimmon juice, and the bag was sent back for repair as needed.

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Connie Rose said...

Repairing paper bags ~ awesome. I use the big grocery bags for recycling other stuff, until the bag is "threadbare." I turn over a cuff on top so they stand up properly. I even staple or tape the edges if they need it and the majority of the bag is still usable. I've had a thing for rescuing paper grocery bags since I was about 8, and I saw a big bag with a pumpkin painted on it blown up against a chain link fence at Halloween...unwanted...abandoned. Wow, what an unearthed memory that is.