13 February 2013

Artists in their studios/workspaces

The interviews with painters at studiocritical.blogspot.co.uk include the question "how does your studio affect your work" - something to think about even if you're not a painter. So if you're not a painter and don't call your workspace your studio, let's rephrase the question - how does where you work affect the work you do?

More artists - of various sorts, including textiles - are shown at artsyshark.com/2013/01/27/artists-at-work and artsyshark.com/2013/02/12/studio-shots - working in various places, not necessarily a studio. Places like coffee shops ... well, entire books have been written in coffee shops, it's ok to sit and write ... but can you get out your stitching there? If you feel awkward drawing in a museum, you're going to feel even more awkward sewing in a coffee shop!
Sewing is regarded as a "secret society" activity (image from here)
To get back to the workspace ... what are the important things for you? In general, factors that seem most important are size and light. For some, a soul-refreshing view is necessary; others prefer to have more wallspace for design boards. How much work surface, how much storage? Silence or music? Is it a place for Real Work, or a place of refuge?

If your studio/workspace is inadequate in some way, what one small thing can you do today to improve it?

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