15 February 2013

Clay pages

Last week's experiments with glaze are out of the kiln - nothing exciting, but "we aren't finished with them yet" - 
This week it was back to various ways of printing - slip printed through a prepared screen on the left, and pigment mixed with glycerine rolled out for monoprinting on the right -
I tried a bit of the monoprinting, onto newspaper, and then laying it onto wet slip so that the colour would transfer, and also used some of last week's sponge prints with underglaze colours onto paper - the paper will burn off in the kiln and leave the colour, cobalt blue -
Sgrafito offers another kind of decoration.

The clay tiles are folded to make clay "books". Before painting on the slip, I textured the back in various ways -
I'll be happy to make dozens of these in the next few weeks. Every one different ....

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Connie Rose said...

Could you poke holes in the wet clay of these pages and then bind in paper pages?