10 February 2013

Organised fabrics

This is how Toronto artis Grant Heaps organises his fabrics - kept from the light in boxes, but with swatches of each on the outside - something to try at home, perhaps? -

Images are from here, where you can see more - and read about his work. His day job is wardrobe coordinator for the National Ballet of Canada, which commissioned this tutu listing the names and dates of every ballet the company has performed since its first performance 60 years ago, in 1951 -
This is one of his quilts using song lyrics -

1 comment:

beatrice De said...

Beautifull !

About material. In Namibua, I have met ladies who are making dolls to sell to torists. They do not have mutch monney ond no mutch choice in trey aƩra.

Would you be nice enought to send little pieces your d'ont use. Left over.
I have send seval enveloppes. The parcels will go with the toutist on the next tour orgenise by the Geneva travel agency, who is delyted to help Hereros ladies.

Elisabeth Muheva.
P.O-Box 57 UIS Namibia Blck Africaa

Thank to everybody who will send them something.