18 February 2013


This started as a leftover from last year's journal quilts (A4 size), one of the "false starts" which nevertheless I spent hours and many stitches on, for no particular reason (other than the pleasure of hand stitching).

Now it's destined to become a bookwrap - no, two bookwraps, A6 size - for the tombola at Festival of Quilts.

I added a grey wool backing and put it under the machine needle and gave it a thorough going-over with variegated threads, using various patterns, to hold the handstitch firmly in place. Some of the machining will show on the inside, hence the different colours for bobbin threads -
One strip, the darkest one, needed "a little something" so I retrofitted a line of french knots in two shades of purple.

Later in the week I'll cut it in half (to a size of 10.5" x 7") and add a narrow binding, incorporating a 3" wide strip to make a pocket at each end, into which the covers of an A6 notebook will fit. A button-and-loop will hold it together.


beatrice De said...

Just beautifull !

You will found the way to use them.

beatrice De said...

Just precious bookwraps