03 February 2013

Envelope art

Until 28 February you can, if you happen to be in or near Freiburg, Germany, see an exhibition of art made from discarded envelopes. It's at Basler Str 61, im Viktoriahous, 79100 Freiburg, Germany - further details here, from which this photo comes -
detail, Judith Mundwiler
This photo, Fenland Landmap by Cas Holmes, comes from the SAQA bulletin -
Other artists are Els van Baarle, Jette Clover, Beatrice Lanter, Sophie Maechler, Gabi Mett,  Helga Widmann und Monika Schiwy-Jessen.

Consider the inside of envelopes - such a variety of patterning, so collectable! Erika van Horn's "Envelope Interiors" calendar comes to mind - a different snippet each month. She uses them for installations too (image from here) -
Erika van Horn installing envelope interiors
Consider envelopes in their various shapes and sizes, and the papers they are made of. Especially those with the "twiddly ties" (image from here) -

Margaret Mellis has done many "envelope drawings" -
by Margaret Mellis
Old envelopes can be very useful!

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