07 March 2014


"If it works, do it some more" - and also "little and often." Since writing the first post on this blog in 2006, I've added 3,998 - and now this one, number 4,000. 

To mark the occasion, here's up-to-the-minute coverage of what's going on downstairs -
There's been a problem in my son's ground floor flat - a leaking pipe - and the brave men from Thames Water are trying to fix the problem. (Boy are they good at digging!) It involves tearing up the concrete path - which provides an opportunity to put something nicer down, tiles perhaps, and that could spread into a complete revamp of the front garden, who knows? At the moment the garden is covered in bags of building material, ready for the renovation that couldn't happen once the problem with the pipe was discovered - and with bags of good old London clay, dug out from around that pipe, in an attempt to fix it ourselves, or even to determine just which bit of the Victorian underground system it might be part of. It's all be complicated and drawn-out, so fingers crossed this is will mark a satisfactory conclusion of the saga!

Now, on with the next 4,000 or so posts........


Sandy said...

Oh well done for reaching 4000!
Fascinating as always!

Felicity said...

4000 posts is extremely impressive - and I've yet to read a dull one! congratulations :)