06 March 2014

Today is World Book Day

In years past, some of the kiddies passing my windows on the way to school on World Book Day have been wearing costumes of their favourite characters from books, so I kept an eye out this morning. As it's quite chilly, most were wearing their warm coats but a few were definitely dressed up underneath -
These sisters were the first to go by, probably not in costume but setting what came
to be a theme of this collection of photos - ENERGY
Lots of energy here ...
... and a better view of the costume 
Boundless energy!
More of the same...
Finally, signs of a costume - can you see the black tail with the white tip?
The prize for the best costume goes to ... Robin Hood!
In this video, kids dressed as characters interview their authors - good stuff (especially "Freddy" -

Included were the Varjak Paw books, which have amazing illustrations (by Dave McKean) -

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