04 March 2014

Continuing with "museum labyrinth"

Thinking about how to display the maze-book ... What would be ideal is for people to be able to pick it up and "walk" through it, but given that displays are usually Don't Touch situations, a different approach is needed.

The red circles show which sides show when the book is unfolded and simply sitting there -
On the other side, drawings of various types of floors - and some quickly-stitched legs at the top of each double page -
 The result is that the legs appear in different orientations when the book is simply sitting there -
and, left to its own devices, the book shoes different sides of the pages -
Some experiments with it "simply sitting there" and letting the light shine through -
These have been printed on one side of the page, and the paper then waxed -
Adding a stiff cover helps the book stand up but you lose the transparent effect of the first and last pages -
Finally, an assemblage of six sheets (spiral cut; there would be six photos on each page) -
It hasn't been properly printed; I'm thinking about how some pages could be laid out - for a proper view, as it were - and others folded up to (perhaps) give the impression of maze-like turnings.

"How will it be displayed" is an important question - and needs to be considered at the outset, rather than after the object is made.

While blog-hopping I found a "labyrinth" quilt (here) -
The pattern is Kathy Doughty's Red Centre and the quilt was made by Jess (surname not given).

Also (somewhat) coincidentally ... ideas from my latest book purchase, "500 handmade books volume 2", which I am enjoying slowly, many pages not closely examined yet -
"Walking in the City" by Maria Rogal
- interesting angle and orientation, focusing on "the walking"

From Mira Ylonen's "R.O.M.A. Artists Book Series" (shown in Helsinki) -
the fabric behaves rather like the paper of the books I dipped in
porcelain slip and fired

"49 Masterpieces of Art"  by Will Karp
The squares in the maze book measure 4.5" 
The "49 Masterpieces" fold up into a nice little box
The meandering dominoes in Mary C Leto's "Daily Wants: Dominoes"
are saying something ... possibly tangential ...
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The Inside Stori said...

Fascinating....thank you for sharing...

Linda M said...

It's so interesting to see how in depth you go with all your projects and then sharing with us readers so we can learn too! Thank you.

Sylvia said...

I love puzzles! This is such a fun idea!