17 March 2014

What's happening with "museum maze"?

Only a few days to go before the submission deadline for "Inspired by the V&A" ... and I've been letting myself be distracted. Reminder to self: Focus. Focus! 

But a little wandering can be helpful. Chillida has popped into view, and has a bearing on this project. 
The images are from his book Aromas ("a guide to walking through the uncertain path of creation") - looking like floorplans or perhaps mental maps, or even some sort of archeology. Something to keep in mind for later development of this project.

This phase is still about walking on the various floors of the museum. The "ghost legs" book is meant for stitching into, which I'll do next.
My search for the dressmaker's wheel (to prick a line of holes) led to all kinds of discoveries - and finally to the wheel itself. Not that it was essential, but I had convinced myself that it was. As soon as it was found ... its importance diminished. Reality took over.

It's not that I don't have a zillion photos to work with, to choose from - I've been happily snapping feet on floors -
Unfortunately those were taken at Tate Britain (outside the coffee shop). Again, that graphic floor is something for "later"...

These are from the V&A, the entrance hall - 
My favourite set is taken where a swing double door leads to the loos - there's a lot of traffic, and people are walking at speed, indeed they almost disappear from the photo -
Let's see what these look like in monochrome -
Is it possible to keep the legs/people in colour? The lower right pic had a wonderful orange bag.

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magsramsay said...

Was in the V&A today after a networking day at the NHM.
Outside the Art library in the cases was a series of books on devices for remembering. You may have seen/ blogged about them already but I thought of you...