18 March 2014

Book fair, Hadleigh

A pleasant day - with pleasant people at a pleasant venue. I had Sewing Companions, Binders Keepers, and the clay books.

Views from where I stood -- in the morning -

and in the afternoon ... sunlight streaming in all day, and a steady stream of visitors -
The main attraction at my table was the clay books (and clay pages), with Binders Keepers in the little cabinet, and Sewing Companions and needle books in the bigger one. And a few bits on the wall behind, including another outing for "The Journey to the Studio" -
Lots of books everywhere, and somehow I didn't take many photos, but you can see more on the artbookart facebook page and website.
sketchbooks by Karen Apps

Self Assembly Mumbai Dwelling by Gwen Simpson

Chelmsford Library by Gwen Simpson
surpisingly strong eggshells (papier mache) by Chris Ruston
It was good to have a chance to chat with the other exhibitors, especially Susan Allen to one side of my table and Cherry Hall on the other.

(Linked to Off the Wall Fridays, a resource for sharing textile art.)


Sandy said...

The little cabinets are great ideas!

irene macwilliam said...

your blogs are so informative with good photos and lots of links, my daily read. thank you Margaret