05 March 2014

Need a bookmark? get folding!

The written instructions for making these "weaved origami bookmarks", though detailed, don't make the process entirely plain, so you might want to check any points of difficulty on this video.
the first two examples, from paper printed on both sides
these are made with 1/2" strips, cut lengthways from A4 paper
They're very quick to make once you get the hang of it. The ends can be tucked in, or held with glue ... depending how much of the strip is left once it can no longer be plaited.

This is a very simple example of straw plaiting - by overlapping strips to insert new ones, you can make this as long as you want.

Actual straw plaiting - from here  should you need information on making your own straw bonnet! -

And to take another diversion ... if you want to fold all sorts of interesting 3D shapes, visit this site -

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Vicki Miller said...

Love this, I will have to make some fabric ones!