08 March 2014

Folded secrets - thread books

Do you know about the folded thread "books" made by the Miao peoples of China? They are quite magical, and a search for images finds many, including these -
using traditional patterns (via)

from the collection of Sarah Foulks (via)

Here's a version made following the instructions set out by Ruth Smith, who researched these in China and wrote a book about the technique (and is teaching it) -
and another, from another blog -
The Chinese name for these books, I learned here, is zhen xian bao (needle thread pockets).


Sandy said...

very wonderful!

casilda garcĂ­a archilla said...

And interesting! Thank you for share

laura said...

I have learned this to make in the Netherlands by Mieke Gorter with original miao materials.. it is amazing and beautiful ;-)).. so it nice to see it here

Maggi said...

Always happy to see these. I find them so rewarding to make, and use.

Helen Cowans said...

Just discovered these at the World Textile Day in Stirling. If I hadn't just purchased a budget blowing piece of work from John Gillow I would have been VERY tempted!