12 March 2014

Portraiture class, week 8

Feeling less than eager (some days are like that) I started with some quick, don't-look-at-the-paper explorations -
then rubbed them off as much as possible (4B pencil) and used them as the background for a longer drawing -
which doesn't have enough chin and doesn't quite catch the model's downward tilted pose.

ok, try again, this time in charcoal - here's an early stage (complete with lines from the board underneath, transferred by the rubbed charcoal background) -
which eventually resolved into this -
Too much chin this time, and still not the right tilt ... There are two further weeks to work on getting it right - I must say the prospect doesn't fill me with joy at the moment!

Everyone else is painting, but I'm not ready for grappling with colour. My (self-imposed) task is to learn to see - and while it would be interesting to "see" flesh colours, it's difficult enough at this stage to "see" proportions and angles and planes and facets. And tilts and chins.
view of the other side of the room

still life of oils

acrylics in conversation


Jane Housham said...

I think they're good -- definitely getting the sense of the (difficult) pose.

JAQUINTA said...

I too find life drawing challenging and I have been working with pencil monochrome but then I really wanted to paint so I just went for it .....I have still got a lot to learn with pencil but I wanted a break from that so I started painting.