01 March 2014

Drawing at the V&A

Maybe it's because the V&A is so big and contains so many objects, beautiful interesting objects ... it's hard to find something to draw!

For instance, in the Japanese gallery I couldn't settle to choosing an object - and ended up with an entire caseful -
My self-imposed task was to use the coloured pencils in my drawing bag, which get carried around but hardly ever used.

After drawing and colouring from the comfort of the sketching stool, I had a close look at the further objects - and got some surprises!

From the dramatic gloom of the Jewellery gallery, I took away Cynthia Cousen's "twig necklace" -
It was an experiment in using biro, and I enjoyed the mindless addition of hatching. This is a gorgeous piece, made in patinated silver ... one would need new clothes to wear it with (and as they say, "beware of any enterprise that requires new clothes").

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Vicki Miller said...

Wonderful. thanks