01 March 2014

Found in the February photo files

The mysterious object found in a recent photograph -
turns out, after some head-scratching and prodigious feats of contextual memory, to be from Helen Parrott's mark-making book, which is at the top of my to-buy list. The photo was taken during the textiles-into-ceramics class, so thanks to Wolfgang for bringing it along to class. 

Helen's use of marks - especially the long loopy linen thread that "wrote" its way diagonally across some of her early quilts - has been inspirational to me, and these lines in her long sketchbook give me ideas for ways of taking my "travel lines" into the context of walking ... it's not hard to imagine having the paper and pencil in a pocket, moving in rhythm with the feet and taking up the irregularities of the ground.
Untitled, 2009 (via Little Gem Quilts)

From February 2012, a strange structure in the grounds of Camberwell's Wilson Road site -

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