28 March 2014

New under the needle

Continuing from the museum-maze idea - and from the stitching on this "flat" version of the maze -
combined with the discovery of senninbari, "thousand stitch belts" from WW2 Japan - specifically the back of the stitching on this one -
... which has led to a desire to make french knots in a grid, moving from one to another to make a "maze" on the back.

Rather than printing a grid of circles, as in senninbari (you can see them through the cloth in the example above), I used what was on hand - some printed linen napkins.
the front
the back
thinking ahead to get a "meaningful path" and leave no empty squares
...but if you set out to leave squares empty, other types of mazes become possible ...
dotty, isn't it!
Working title: "Finding your way". These might lead to smaller pieces that become pages in a book.

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Sandy said...

oh! these are wonderful!

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Very Interesting, I think this is really neat and for an embroidery nut like me, its a new thing to learn how to do. Thanks for sharing on Nina Marie's otherwise I may not have found you!

Anonymous said...

Mind duly boggled!

Madalene Axford Murphy said...

Fascinating project!