16 April 2017

At last

Last weekend, waiting for "imminent completion" of the house sale and for the last of the furniture to be collected via Freecycle, Tom and I sat in the sunshine enjoying a final coffee from one of the many local cafes - 

 In the back, the garden has been blooming in its usual way, but there was no time to cut the grass -

I still can't believe it's actually, finally, sold. Tony lived there for 39 years, and I spent quite a lot of the past 22 years there.

The keys were dropped off late Thursday afternoon.

One door closes -

And another door opens -


irene macwilliam said...

I hope it will be a long and happy and productive time for you Margaret. Knowing you I am sure you will not waste a minute of it. Keep blogging.

Sandy said...

So glad things are not still dragging on for you on the house. Don't forget to take a break.
Love from Sandy