11 April 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Museum of Childhood

The Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood has, until 23 April, an exhibition on board games, among which I found Halma ... like Muhle (nine men's morris), a game not played enough in childhood, as my Oma said Halma needed four players, and it was hard to find the fourth, beyond me and her and my little brother - the parents were too busy, and when their friends came, they were all too busy talking. Nor did I ever manage to teach any of my friends (yet).
Among the traditional games, the chess sets were interesting -
Indian chess set

Lego "pirates" chess set
I filled a page with various game boards and spent some time reading about the history of games old and new - Scrabble, invented in the 1930s, was originally called Lexico ... it was the change of name (and a bit of marketing) that made it into a favourite, and now it's a classic. 

And now the rest: 
Janet K's luscious lady, riding a lion

Carol's domestic details - the toy irons had a "plug" that stuck onto the wall
Joyce's 19th-century boy's clothing

Judith's "fairy tale house"

Najlaa's passion for pattern

Sue's wooden animals (and their wonderful shadows)
Extra-curricular activities:
Janet K used a postcard to examine how drapery can model the figure
Responding to  Lethaby's drawing of the Ziggurat of Belus,
Najlaa found a modern photo of it; it's near her home town, Babylon
Joyce had been using traditional Indian embroidery techniques

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