18 April 2017

Drawing Tuesday - RAF Museum

There's something for everyone at the RAF Museum -

 Even Spitfire biscuits -
I'm fascinated by the Lancaster bomber - 

and started at the tail end, from which the four giant engines looked very tiny, and the vertical stabilisers at each end of the tail looked very large indeed. They hid the ends of the wings. The back wheel had been lifted up on a plinth, which made the view even stranger - but at least the four rear guns are visible -
Then it was on to look closely at some parts of the plane, and finally a tiny sketch of the wing in relation to the tail -
And now the rest -
Janet K's Messerschmidt BF109E

Sue's Spitfire propellor and Fiat CR42 Falco

Judith used a toned ground first, then went on to use watersoluble pencil on cartridge paper

Jo's view of the Lancaster bomber, and the big bomb displayed underneath it

From a banner about which there was no information, Najlaa added the hedgehogs
and eagle in gold pen - clearly visible at certain angles, but not to my camera
Coloured pencils, specifically Inktense pencils, have been much in evidence lately. Janet K took inspiration from Carol's case and made this lovely pencil roll -
Puzzle of the week - same watersoluble pencil, different papers - 
Judith found that the "watercolour effect" that worked so well on the shoe she'd drawn at home was quite different in the larger sketchbook. We thought that it must be due to the paper, and not all cartridge papers are the same.

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