09 April 2017

Domestic progress and art concerns

It's been a tumultuous 48 hours as I ricocheted between 136A and Wrentham, seeing furniture etc move out of the house, and anticipating handing over the keys - but confirmation of Monday's completion date is still to come. Yet more items have arrived at 136A, but that's old news, more exciting things have happened ... well, exciting to me, because they might be the precursor of some sort of calm and "space" for getting on with making "work" (never mind that I still have no idea of what that work will be ... but that's the interesting part, finding out and seeing the idea develop).

Friday's spring cleaning -
The outset

The starting corner

"The horror, the horror!"

The safe stowing

The cosiness of a fabric capsule, the joy of a clear floor
Saturday's major rearrangement will be revealed later - computer problems beset me at the moment....

Thinking about The Big Art Project To Come ... the theme of Home is still very much in my mind. Looking back through my 2010 posts to find info about the art foundation degree show in 2010, I came across this intimation of themes to come -

At that time, looking to write a proposal for my MA application, I was thinking of "safety and danger" and that's still in the back of my mind ... and very much related to the safety we expect, or seek, at home, and how our body is a home in itself, and yet it's a dangerous place that can turn against us by developing diseases, or be broached by infections. 

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Heather Dubreuil said...

Are you familiar with the children's book by Mary Ann Hoberman? "A House is a House for Me" is one of my favourites.


I am reminded too that our bodies are the homes for bacteria, several pounds per person, all helping to keep our gut healthy.

Then we can start thinking globally, about the issue of migration and the refugee crisis.

"Home" is a theme with much potential.