29 April 2017

Domestic rearrangement continues

A few days ago I mentioned the change from studio to carpentry workhop. Today was taken up with completing the transformation: making the room-within-a-room dust tight ... and convertible into a place to sew, if need be.

Let's start with the minimalist view -
Tom needs to be able to open the window so that paint smells can disperse. He'll be spray painting, hence all the plastic sheeting.

A lot of "stuff" got sorted and moved off the counters -
Boxes of tools are lined up ready to be taken to the next job -
 and cutting tables etc are at the ready -
There's just about enough room to swing a cat, metaphorically at least. And the carpentry equipment can be moved to one side, and the plastic "walls" rolled up, to allow access to sewing machine etc.

But first things first: with any luck, shelves will be cut and painted this weekend. Bookshelves are about to be born (somewhat overdue).

Elsewhere in the flat, walking space is somewhat restricted. It usually gets worse before it gets better, doesn't it?

As the long weekend continues, I shall be sitting comfortably on the sofa, using the coffee table as my work space. Less is more!

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