25 April 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Tate Modern

After a quick look at the Radical Eye exhibition - "modernist photography from the Sir Elton John collection" I settled down in the corner of the room with this piece by Helio Oiticica, Tropicalia -
The original installation contained live birds; here, a video of two parrots plays on the wall. Footprints in the sand indicate that the plants get watered.

Combining the near and the far. Maybe it needs a few parrots?
Architecture and patterns of sunlight, by Najlaa

"Behold" by Sheela Gowda, by Joyce

"The legs" and a spider (Louise Bourgeois) by Janet K

Mags revisited another Bourgeois piece in various media

Carol looked out at the landscape

Janet B - the eyes have it (Bourgeois again)
 Extracurricular activities -
Janet K's back yard
Carol's colour mixing at a weekend course

Mags' book, arising from a sketchbook course focused on the
Electricity exhibition at the Wellcome

The Indian-inspired bag that Najlaa handstitched years ago

My quickly-captured reminders of the Radical Eye exhibition
- Paul Outerbridge, Imogen Cunningham, Jaromir Funke,
Emmanuel Sougez, Lloyd Ullberg, Herbert List, Ilse Bing,
Toni Schneiders, and two Edwards: Weston and Steichen.
And Irving Penn's corner portraits

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