03 April 2017

Blast from the past - March 2013

Four years ago I was still fascinated by the idea of "the clay book" which Robert threw at us in the first ceramics class in the foundation course, that would have been January 2009. For that exercise we rolled out slabs and made marks on the surface. So, four years later, I was actually turning the "tablet" - which was the shape of the first books, if we think back to cuneiform tablets - into a codex-shaped sculptural object -

That led, not too long afterwards, in another course, to the first experiments with dipping paper "book objects" into slip. When they collapsed, they started their evolution into fabric pots ... that took several years and is ongoing.

I'd like to go on working in that little niche, rather than learning about different pottery techniques and glazes. Need a kiln....

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