20 April 2017

Poetry Thursday - The Library of T-shirts by joanne burns

(this is a red herring) (via)

This is a poem best heard, with revelation succeeding revelation as the story unrolls, no chance to flick your eyes ahead...

Listen here. It takes three minutes. I hope you'll find it "poignant, perspicacious, [and] pithy" - it made me smile and, here and there, quietly guffaw.

You can read the poem on that page too.

joanne burns was born in 1945 in Sydney, Australia. After graduating from the University of Sydney in 1966 she taught English in London and New South Wales. She writes monologues and short fiction, exploring the boundaries of genre in her work and frequently writes in prose poem form. Surreal and ironic, her work observes and comments on contemporary society and mores. burns is the author of a dozen collections of poetry, one of which is called an illustrated history of diaries.
(and this is another red herring) (via)

1 comment:

Sandy said...

This is very funny. Love the dry humour.
Anyone else, if you haven't listened, you have to do it!