04 April 2017

Drawing Tuesday - V&A

Encountering Michelle at the entrance, and not having seen her for ages, led to a "quick" coffee before starting work. So to make the most of the time remaining it was a matter of "take the nearest" and this gorgeous ensemble of 19th century brass models of Sumatran buildings was the first thing I saw in the Architecture gallery -
 Perhaps the caffeine speeded my pencil - I did feel very focused - and this is the result -
"Could do better" (or perhaps "must try harder") with the perspective of the mosque at the left, but looking at the patterning and using negative shapes in the lower area seems to have paid off in the drawing of the rice barn.

 Others went to other galleries - Najlaa to Furniture, to find the chair-bench -
 Janet B to find a basket made of tiger bamboo -
 Jo was in Furniture, repeatedly tackling a Thonet bentwood chair with all its tricky curves -
 Judith found other chairs -
 Michelle found her subjects in the cast courts -
 Sue "went figurative" too -
 ...as did Carol, first in pen-and-ink and then in colour -

Tool of the Week: water-soluble coloured pencils -
Inktense (and isn't that a lovely holder?)

Lyra, with a list of colours in the lid
"Queen of Co-ordination" award went to Najlaa -
who was also busy in the Extracurricular Activities department - encouraging her 3-year-old grand-daughter to develop a sense of colour. The dinosaur is a stencil, and the plants are Najlaa's contribution -

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