01 April 2017

Away daze

Very excited to be going AWAY for the weekend, to the South Coast to stay with friends. I'm not an intrepid or organised traveller and need to leave in an hour - bag is ready to pack, but needs digging out of the cupboard, which is a feat in these times of the overcrowded home ... much must be moved.

Also I'm coping well with using my new phone - it has a quick way to "open" the camera, so I used it yesterday to take pix before, at, and after a lovely day at Ceramic Art London. Most years I've been able to sit in the lecture theatre all day, and this year again that was a surprising and informative thing to do - and made me want to carry on with my transformed fabric pots.

I haven't quite figured out how to get a whole batch of photos from the phone to the computer, so for the next few days the blog posts will be "blasts from the past" and then I hope to have a good long session catching up with the comings and goings of the past week.

Meanwhile here's the state of things this morning. The bookshelves-in-the-making have taken on a new configuration -
... and over in the kitchen, some dipped pots are firming up and must be moved out of the way asap -

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Sandy said...

Have a wonderful time!