08 April 2017

Wrapping up

Final weekend of visits to the house ... just a few bits left to clear. More furniture has been sent to a new life via Freecycle, and the final bagfuls of books and stuff are going to the charity shop later today.

Empty rooms and forlorn garden -

Final lot of things left "on the wall" -
Yes, I feel very sad.


Sandy said...

Big hugs to you Margaret.

reensstitcher said...

Good luck. Moving comes to all of us in the end. We can't stay here because of my disabilities but the market down here is very depressed and I have 'special needs' which means we cannot really rent while we look. Have begun throwing away a lot of quilting stuff though - I think that is the easy part.

magsramsay said...

I recognise that feeling,the empty rooms no longer home,but still full of memories. Crossing fingers and toes that everything works out as planned.